BEBOP – Leather fabric armchair

Sven Dogs

The BEBOP armchair is the result of the first cooperation between Sven Dogs, the German designer who lives in Vienna, and Durlet. The design offers a certain playfulness without having to concede on visual soundness. The striking backrest ensures that the overall look is very slim and light. The sitting section creates the illusion of a spherical square and, therefore, provides a playful effect that gives the armchair a friendly look.

As can be expected from the long tradition of Durlet’s workmanship, this design ensures the highest levels of sitting comfort. The backrest is open at the bottom but offers perfect support. The rounded springs guarantee an extremely pleasant sitting experience. The ornamental seams highlight the lines of the model and visually finish the item as a whole. Materials and colours can also be combined to create unique effects. BEBOP is a hero that will feel at home both in a residential environment as in the lounge of a restaurant or the lobby of a hotel or office.

Text by Durlet ©


BEBOP chair 64 cm in width.
MANUFACTURER: www.durlet.com, Belgien
Year: 2014
DESIGNER: SVEN DOGS, www.svendogs.com
Photography: Durlet