SVEN DOGS STUDIO is a STUDIO for product design. From the initial sketch through the entire work and development process, we support products to series production. One focus of our work lies in the continuous and intensive cooperation with the development teams of our producers. With technical expertise, the passion for designing and empathy we develop innovative products.




  • Furniture Design
  • Luxury Goods
  • Consumer Goods
  • Investment Goods

Design Management

  • Art direction
  • Design – consulting/ Design Studies
  • Design strategies/ Design conceps
  • Corporate Design


  • Interior design
  • Shop-/ Restaurantdesign
  • Fair-/ Exhibitiondesign
  • Packaging design
  • Grafikdesign


Born in Berlin in 1974. At the age of 6 he is in the Henry Nannen Foundation Date (Henry Nannen = Owners of the Star Publishing). In this school, he gained experience in drawing and painting. At 17 he trained as a interior decorator with a renowned interior designers. In 1994 he completed an apprentice years at the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg where he made the first technical experience on cruise ships (of the Oriana and the zenith). Here he meets crucial factors. Since he was not enough, he began a study of product design. Under the direction of Professor Henry Brummack (Documenta artists) and Professor Hirzel, he began his studies in product and graphic design from 1995-2000. During his studies he already worked as a freelance designer. In 1996, he learns an important man in the fashion industry know (Dieter Paradiek). The company Paradiek is a manufacturer of leather goods for international fashion brands such as Jil Sander, Toni Gard, gold pfeil and ambiente. Until 1999, developed here in cooperation with Sven Dogs some bag collections for well known brands.

After winning the competition Assima pocket, he began his career as a professional designer and participated in several design exhibitions at home and abroad.

He worked on projects in industrial, interior and graphic design for the European and international markets. allow His technical abilities and creativity, Sven DOGS in many fields and disciplines, from product development, lighting design and corporate Identy through to packaging, advertising and shield design, as well as to work for exhibitions, interior design and film and stage architecture.

With innovative ideas, simplicity and experimentation, he transmits his concepts into products, spaces and experiences. 2000 The start of the international cooperation with Borek Sipek (internationally renowned glass artist). In his workshop he created his first prototype for the company Wofi lights (Meschede). Between 1995 and 2010 were a number of products, packaging and designs and implements related to this day well received.

Between 2002 and 2004, he has traveled the U.S. and expanded in various smaller companies their craft skills.


Teamchef Moritz…..



2019 MAISON&OBJET PARIS, September 6th – 10th
2019 Designdistrict 4 – 6.10 Vienna(AT)
2019 MOW
2019 Hausmesse ADA (AT)
2019 Interzum – 21.05 – 24.05
2019 ICFF – International Contemporary Furniture Fair – 19-22 May – WON – CASPAR
2019 Salon de Mobil Milan ( Italy) 9-14 April, WON – CASPAR, Wöstmann – Craft Sitzbank, KFF Youma, ADA Cliff, Clint
2019 Home Depot Vienna(AT) 15.03-17.03, KFF Youma
2019 Stockholm Furniture Fair ( Schweden) 5.2-9.2, WON – CASPAR
2019 Ambiente (DE) 8.02-12.02 – RITZENHOFF
2019 Frühjahrsmesse Frankfurt (DE), Vauen Stripe, CUP, Whistle
2019 IMM COLOGNE (DE), WON – CASPAR, Werther, Wöstmann, Durlet , KFF, ROSSIN, ADA

2018 Orgatec 23 – 27.10 Cologne – ROSSIN (DE)
2018 MAISON&OBJET PARIS, September 7th – 11th
2018 Designdistrict 5 – 7.10 Vienna(AT)
2018 Biennale Interieur Kortrijk 18.10 – 22.10 (BE), Durlet BEBOP
2018 MOW
2018 Aarhus Design Week 23 -30 August – WON(DK)
2018 Hausmesse ADA (AT)
2018 Salon de Mobil Milan ( Italy), WON – CASPAR, Wöstmann – Craft Sitzbank, KFF Youma, ADA Cliff, Clint
2018 VIFA, Ho Chi Minh City, 07.03-10.03
2018 Home Depot(AT), KFF Youma
2018 Stockholm Furniture Fair ( Schweden), WON – CASPAR
2018 Frühjahrsmesse Frankfurt (DE), Vauen Stripe, CUP, Whistle
2018 IMM COLOGNE (DE) – WON – CASPAR, Werther – Clark, Wöstmann – Craft Sitzbank, Durlet – BEBOP, KFF – YOUMA

2017 MOW
2017 Rossin auf der Hotelshow in Dubai , 18- 20 Sep
2017 Maison & Objet Paris HALL 8 | STAND G74 – F73, www.hotelbelchique.be
2017 Hausmesse Werther (DE)
2017 Intertabak Dortmund – Vauen
2017 Hausmesse ADA Möbelfabrikation
2017 Interzum Köln, 16 – 19 May (DE)
2017 Clerkenwell Design Week , 23 – 25 May(GB)
2017 Rossin auf der Möbel Austria in Salzburg, 10-12 Mai
2017 Salon de Mobil Milan ( Italy), KFF Youma, ADA Cliff, Clint
2017 Home Depot(AT), KFF Youma
2017 Stockholm Furniture Fair ( Schweden)
2017 Frühjahrsmesse Frankfurt (DE), Vauen Stripe, CUP, Whistle

2016 Design – Living and Lifestyle“ Vienna – Die Presse
2016 Orgatec – ROSSIN – RIFFEL
2016 Intertabak Dortmund( DE), Vauen – Whistle
2016 Präsentation „CLINT“ Hausmesse ADA Möbelfabrikation
2016 Salon de Mobil Milan ( Italy), KFF „YOUMA“, ROSSIN „RIFFEL“
2016 Stockholm Furniture Fair ( Schweden)
2016 Frühjahrsmesse Frankfurt (DE), Vauen Whistle

2015 Intertabak Dortmund( DE), Vauen – CUP
2015 Salon de Mobil Milan ( Italy)
2015 Stockholm Furniture Fair ( Schweden)

2014 Biennale Interieur(BE), Durlet BEBOP
2014 Clerkenwell Design Week , 20 – 22 May(GB), KFF Youma
2014 Salon de Mobil Milan ( Italy), KFF Youma
2014 Home Depot(AT), KFF Youma
2014 Stockholm Furniture Fair ( Schweden)
2014 Frühjahrsmesse Frankfurt (DE), Vauen Stripe
2014 IMM COLOGNE (DE) – Durlet, BEBOP

2013 Intertabak Dortmund( DE), Vauen – Stripe
2013 Interzum Köln (DE),– Becker Brakel – double
2013 Salon de Mobil Milan ( Italy)
2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair ( Schweden)
2013 IMM COLOGNE (DE) – KFF, Youma, RODAM, Jim

2012 Salon de Mobil Milan ( Italy)
2012 Open House Candola (AT)
2012 Open House Berendsohn AG (DE)

2011 Designers Saturday, Oslo
2011 Qubique Berlin (DE)
2011 Ambiente Frankfurt (DE)
2011 Salon de Mobil Milan ( Italy)
2011 Euroluce Milan (Italy)

2011 Presentation light „Barko“and 4 other lighting collections Ambiente Frankfurt (D)
2011 Presentation Series „Pure“ Bau in München (D)

2010 Zona Tortona Milano ( Italy)

2010 meet Paola Lenti Milano
2010 Stockholm Furniture Fair ( Schweden)
2010 Open House „Candola“
2010 Open House „Berendsohn AG“
2010 Salon de Mobil Milan ( Italy)

2009 The Dock London Design Festifal (UK)
2009 Open House „Berendsohn AG“
2009 Geneva Days (Swizerland)
2008 Vienna Design Week (Austria)

2008 Designbiennale, Amsterdam, NL
2008 Blickfang (Stuttgart)

2007 ICFF, New York, USA
2007 Euroluce Milan (Italy)

2005 Ambiente Frankfurt, D

2004 Salon de Mobil Milan ( Italy)

2003 Euroluce Milan Presentation  Wofi lighting collection (Italy)

2002 – 2004 USA Tour, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco

2001 Messe Lightstyle Frankfurt Presentation „OVAL“ und Tago 230 Wofi lighting (D)

2001 Light Weeks Sauerland (D)

2000 Messe Light and Building Frankfurt Presentation Wofi lighting collection ( D)

1999 IMMAGINE   ITALIA & Co. Florenz Presentation for Paradiek Cologne (Italy)

1998 GDS Düsseldorf (D)

1996 Interior design on the „Zenit“

1995 Interior design on the  “Oriana”, designed the  Inside Stateroom, Deluxe Balcony Stateroom, Suite, Mini Suite, Outside Stateroom, Restaurants, Piano Room, Pacific Lounge, Crow`s Nest, Oriental Restaurant, Captains Lounge….