Glass in glass series for Wofi Leuchten

Sven Dogs

Glass in glass series for Wofi Leuchten – 2001 by Sven Dogs
Serie 01 – 05

This year, a unique collection of glass luminaires by the designer Sven Dogs was presented at the international exhibition „Lightstyle“ in Frankfurt. The premiere in the lighting industry has been designed by the designer Sven Dogs in collaboration with the Wofi Leuchten Wortmann & Filz GmbH & Co.KG can be put into action.
Beautiful light, that is, well-being and one’s personality, are reflected in this Collection again.
By the combination of the different colors, the imagination is no limits.
The own style is expressed by the possibility of different variations of the
Luminaires in which an illuminated opal glass always forms the core.
The entire collection is exclusively produced by Wofi-Leuchten and its
Trading partners. Further models will be available from July / August to the international
Lighting market.


Wofi lights
Wortmann & Filz GmbH 6 Co. KG
In the Langel 6
59872 Meschede-Freienohl

Serie „glas in glas“
MANUFACTURER: www.wofi.de, Germany
Year: 2001
DESIGNER: SVEN DOGS, www.svendogs.com
Photography: wofi