Paradiek Cologne

Sven Dogs

Paradiek Cologne was a license manufacturer for Goldpfeil, Jil Sander, Ambiente and Toni Gard. Through Paradiek Cologne Sven Dogs was able to collect the first experiences in the fashion industry from 1997 to 1999. From 1997 – 1999 Sven Dogs worked on many very exciting projects for the bags and fashion industry among other things also for some of these license brands.

Dieter Paradiek died

Dieter Paradieks name belonged for decades to fixed sizes
the accessories market. Since the company Paradiek Cologne before 30
Years the company boss has this built up as a brand. Not only with
his own belt and bag line Paradiek, but also as a licensee
well-known companies. So you worked for many years for Elegance and Jil Sander.
Until the end of 1999 Paradiek had the belt and pocket license for Toni Gard and
Ambiente. Dieter Paradiek lived for his company, which entirely on his person
and his creativity was cut. When he fell ill a year ago,
went with him his life’s work: The company Paradiek presented in December 1999
Bankruptcy petition. Dieter Paradiek died in the past week.
He was 60 years old.

Paradiek, Dieter

Agency: Sven Dogs, (Sven Dogs has worked for Paradiek Cologne)
Client: Paradiek Cologne
Production of exclusive leather bags
Assignment: Development of exclusive leather bags
& Accessories, 3D rendering, technical
Year: 1997 -1999
Text by: www.textilwirtschaft.de

Paradiek Cologne war Lizenz Hersteller für Goldpfeil, Jil Sander, Ambiente und Toni Gard. Durch Paradiek Cologne konnte Sven Dogs die ersten Erfahrungen in der Modeindustrie von 1997 – 1999 sammeln. Von 1997 – 1999 arbeitete Sven Dogs an vielen sehr spannenden Projekten für die Taschen und Modeindustrie unter anderem auch für einige dieser Lizenzmarken.