RIFFEL SOFA Design by Sven Dogs for ROSSIN

Sven Dogs

New Rossin showroom in Vienna: Schottenring 31, 1010 Wien
T 01/3101918, info@schottenring31.at


The idea was to interpret the flair and taste of the old time into the new era. The result is a piece of furniture that embodies the elegance of the 50s and 60s. The cuddly, functional design also conveys cosiness thanks to its innovative seat surface. The furniture can be used perfectly in lobbies, but also in indigenous living areas and where comfort is sought with a sophisticated design. Riffel is a lounge sofa to feel good.
• Lounge sofa with leather fixed seat
• Seat and backrest made of solid and laminated wood
• Belt tensioning and polyurethane foam with different weight
• Stitching with cotton wool
• Base, chrome plated

Design: Sven Dogs
Overall height: 80 cm
Seat height: 40 cm
Width: 160 cm
Depth: 105 cm
Height of stool: 40 cm
Wide stool: 64 cm
Deep stool: 54 cm
Weight [without cardboard box]: approx. 32 kg
Delivery state: assembled
Shipping information: Delivery by freight carrier

Mr. Nerino Rossin founded the company Rossin with the aim to produce upholstery furniture of various kinds in South Tyrol. At the beginning, simple sleeping couches for private dwellings as well as spring-core mattresses have been manufactured, as well as sofas, sleeping sofas and armchairs for the hotel industry and the private living area since the 70s. In cooperation with well-known international designers, the development of a new international design collection begins in the year 2000. The Rossin collection has already received several international design awards.
Homepage: www.rossin.it

Technical description

Frame in solid wood and plywood; belts and polyurethane foam in different densities; quilted padding in acryl fibre; fixed cover

Commission: Rossin srl
Year: 2019
Design: Sven Dogs
Material: Leather, metal
Photo: Rossin

For further information please contact:

Rossin srl – GmbH
Via Nazionale 2/2 Reichsstrasse
I-39044 Egna/Laghetti – Neumarkt/Laag (BZ)
Tel. +39/0471/881488

Sven Dogs born in Berlin in 1974 has enjoyed a creative upbringing attending renowned schools such as the Henri Nannen Foundation. Following his training as an interior designer he completed his product design studies under the direction of Professor Henry Brummack (Documenta artist) in Münster. During his studies he gained experience as a freelance designer. He worked on projects in industrial, interior and graphic design for the European and international markets. His technical abilities and creativity allow him to operate in many fields, ranging from product and industrial design to packaging design and corporate identity. After experiences in America he came to Vienna where he runs his own design studio. With innovative ideas, simplicity and experimentation, he transmits his concepts into products, spaces and experiences. His clients include renowned companies such as ROSSIN(I), KFF(D), WON (dk), Durlet(B), Berendsohn AG (D), Villa Tectona (D), Villeroy & Boch (D), Vauen (D), VERSUS(DK), Formvorrat(D) and Leonardo(D).

RIFFEL Design Sven Dogs


Der Gedanke war, den Flair und Geschmack der alten Zeit in die neue Zeit zu interpretieren. Heraus gekommen ist ein Möbel, welches die Eleganz der 50er und 60er Jahre verkörpert. Das anschmiegsame funktionstüchtige Design versprüht Gemütlichkeit auch dank seiner neuartigen Sitzoberfläche. Das Möbel lässt sich perfekt in Lobbys einsetzen, aber auch in heimischen Wohnlandschaften und überall dort, wo man Gemütlichkeit mit anspruchsvollem Design sucht. Riffel ist ein Lounge SOFA zum Wohlfühlen.
• Lounge Sofa mit Festbezug in Leder
• Sitz- und Rückengestell aus Massiv- und Schichtholz
• Gurtenbespannung und Polyurethan-Schaumstoff mit verschiedenen Raumgewichten
• Absteppungen mit Watteflies
• Untergestell, verchromt
Design: Sven Dogs
Gesamthöhe: 80 cm
Sitzhöhe: 40 cm
Breite: 160 cm
Tiefe: 105 cm
Höhe Hocker: 40 cm
Breite Hocker: 64 cm
Tiefe Hocker: 54 cm
Gewicht [ohne Kartonage]: ca. 32 kg
Lieferzustand: montiert
Versandinformation: Lieferung per Spedition


Herr Nerino Rossin gründet das Unternehmen Rossin mit dem Ziel Polstermöbel verschiedener Art in Südtirol zu produzieren. Anfangs werden einfache Schlafsofas für private Wohnungen und auch Federkernmatratzen gefertigt, seit den 70er Jahren auch Sofas, Schlafsofas und Sessel für die Hotellerie und den privaten Wohnbereich. In Zusammenarbeit mit namhaften internationalen Designern beginnt im Jahre 2000 die Entwicklung einer neuen internationalen Design-Kollektion. Die Rossin Kollektion ist bereits mehrfach mit internationalen Design Awards ausgezeichnet worden.
Homepage: www.rossin.it

Technische Beschreibung

Sitz- und Rückengestell aus Massiv- und Schichtholz; Gurtenbespannung und Polyurethan-Schaumstoff mit verschiedenen Raumgewichten; Absteppungen mit Watteflies; fixer Bezug

For further information please contact:

Rossin srl – GmbH
Via Nazionale 2/2 Reichsstrasse
I-39044 Egna/Laghetti – Neumarkt/Laag (BZ)
Tel. +39/0471/881488