Salad Cutlery

Sven Dogs

Healthy things firmly in grip
A lot of things in nature sort themselves out on their own. Plants follow the light and animals find the best food by themselves. Unfortunately, caterpillars like to partake in Our salads as much as we do. Their healthy appetite is Forgiven, though, once they have turned into beautiful butterflies. This plastic salat server has been modelled on this little Glutton in ordert o create an original and tasteful utensil.

It`s so well thought out and easy to grip that it`s not only Agreeable to use – it`s also a real eye catcher in among the healthy greens on the table. And even when the caterpillar isn`t burrowing ist way through the salad, it spends the rest oft he time hanging on a practical loop which looks just like a salad leaf. It`s almost as i fit wants to say to us: This caterpillar is hungry, time for a salad!
Design: Sven Dogs, Vienna
Commission: Berendsohn AG
Year: 2014
Photography: Florian Schilling

logo-berendsohn-agText: Berendsohn AG